Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Natural Breast Enlargement Exercise Techniques for Bigger Breasts - BiggerBreast


There are certain exercises that you can do either alone or in conjunction with other natural alternatives that will give you the results that you desire. This article will reveal natural breast enlargement exercise techniques for bigger breasts.

Here are two exercises that will work to strengthen the pectoral muscles and give your breasts a firmer, higher look.


First Enhancement Exercise - Pectoral Press:

• Hold a five pound weight in each of your hands.

• Stand with knees bent slightly, feet should be a shoulder width apart, abs tight and back straight.

• Elbows should be bent out to the side - right angles to body

• Slowly press forearms, elbows and hands together. Do this in front of chest and initiate movement from your pectoral muscles

• Press arms slowly back to starting position

• Execute 3 sets of 12


Second Enhancement Exercise - Modified Push Up:

• Lie on stomach

• Bend knees and cross ankles

• Place hands slightly in front of shoulders and have your elbows bent

• Tighten abs, slowly straighten arms, lift body so you are balanced on both your palms and your knees - keep body aligned from knees to the top of head

• Tuck your face toward the floor in order to have a straight spine.

• Bend elbows to bring body parallel to floor, push up again

• Do not touch chest to floor

• Execute 2 sets of 10 reps each with another exercise in between.

These are only two of the many exercises you can find to do for helping to enlarge your breasts the natural way. Best results are always achieved when exercises are followed in conjunction with natural remedies like pills, supplements and creams.


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