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Breast Implant Bras - Caring For Your New Breasts

Breast augmentation is an expensive procedure and not without certain risks. After going through the procedure it is generally recommended to take special care of your new breasts to lengthen the time your new breasts retain a youthful appearance. Thankfully, there are special breast augmentation bras to help you.

While a board certified plastic surgeon can dramatically impact the appearance of your breasts, the work can be counteracted if the healing process does not occur properly. Additionally, if you do not take special care of your new breasts, the improvements resulting from the breast augmentation can be significantly reduced.

The top reasons you should consider using specialized breast augmentation bras after breast augmentation:

* Shaping of your breasts: An unnatural appearance can occur with an ill fitting bra. There are special bras such as the Le Mystere No. 9 that are specifically designed to fit your new bust line.

* Prevent of rapid descent - If you do not support your breasts well with the appropriate bra, the breast implants are subject to a condition known as rapid descent. In this case the breast implant makes the tissue of the breast under the nipple line bigger than that above it. The eventual result can produce a saggy looking breast.

* Cleavage - Breast implants result in breasts which are spaced further apart than natural breasts. The Le Mystere No. 9 bra has a wider connecting strap between the cups to accommodate this feature of augmented breasts.

* Weight of the breast - Many women are unprepared for the weight of their new breasts. If you currently have fairly small breasts, the weight of the larger breast will be a new experience. If not supported properly the weight over time can be uncomfortable.

Choosing the right bra such as the Le Mystere No 9 can help maintain the results of your newly augmented breasts. Consider some of these bra fitting tips:

* Discuss your bra possibilities with your plastic surgeon. Any post-surgical bra, especially, should be reviewed and approved by them. Ask your doctor about proper fitting for daily wear bras.

* Visit with a bra expert - Studies show that well over 70% of all women choose and wear bras that are the wrong size. Visit with a bra fitting specialist at least annually to ensure you are wearing the proper size. As your body changes over time, your bra size is likely to change as well.

Breast augmentation requires the investment of a lot of time and money. It is critical that you take the time to properly sure that your investment is well taken care of to ensure a long lasting improvement of your bust line. Neglecting the care of your new breasts can result in disappointing results over time.

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Breast Enlargement Bras

Most women are not happy with their breast size and as a result, most of them are looking for ways by which they can have fuller breasts. Fortunately for them, there are a number of options that they can take to help them have bigger breasts.

Some of these options include undergoing breast augmentation surgery, doing breast enhancement exercises, and taking breast enhancement pills. For those how may be apprehensive in going under the knife, the most viable options for them are the natural methods that have been mentioned, as some of them have been proven to be effective.

However, there are cases by which women that are not comfortable with surgery and use natural methods find that none of the natural methods works for them. In these cases, women are forced to look for other alternatives that can help them achieve a fuller breast size. One of these options includes using bras that are designed to give women a fuller look.

The "perfect" bra

In looking for a bra that can help give their breasts a fuller look, women need to look for certain features of the bras in the market. One of these includes looking for bras that have very supportive cups. Usually, these are the bras that have cups that are lined and which are also slightly firm to the touch. Another good sign that a bra can be very effective in giving their breasts a fuller look is if the bra has a firm and solid back, which is strong enough to pull up their breasts. Usually, these are the bras with wide and tightly woven backs.

Another helpful feature is underwire, which can provide support underneath the breast. However, women should be careful in picking bras with underwire and they should make sure that the wire that would surround their breast is a perfect fit because the wrong fit can cause discomfort. Lastly, women should also look for bras that are padded, which not only make breasts look bigger but they also provide protection.

For women who have tried all the natural methods at enlarging their breasts only to find that none of them worked, going under the knife need not be the only option they need to take to achieve a fuller breast size. This is because there are still other natural breast enhancement methods that they can take, which includes using bras that are designed to give their breasts a fuller look.

The good news is that the search for the perfect bra can be a fairly easy process, as it only involves looking for certain features that are very effective at giving women a fuller breast size.

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How to Get Firm, Sexy, Perky Breasts Without Surgery!

Every woman wants to have a lovely, firm bust that doesn't sag. In order to achieve that, you need to do exercises that work the pectoral muscles underlying the breast. Here is a list of exercises that you can use to get a firm, youthful, high riding bust, no surgery necessary!

Bench Press

Using a bar or two large dumbbells, lay on your back on the bench, and press the weights straight up, squeezing your pectoral muscles. In this position, you can opt for heavier weights than usual, since your back is fully supported.

Chest Fly

Laying on a bench on your back, open your arms out until they're level with your shoulders, weights in hand. Slowly lift both weights at the same time, palms facing each other until they come together above you. This is an excellent exercise that isolates and targets the pectoral muscles completely.

Tray Lift

Standing, grasp a bar or dumbbells in your hands, palms facing up. With a very slight bend in both arms, lift the weight up to chest or shoulder level, hold for a second, and then return to the start position with your abs tucked in. This lifting motion develops and strengthens the pectorals and the surrounding surrounding muscles. You should use light to moderate weight for this exercise.

Push ups

The old standby we all know and love. Push ups are effective not only for the triceps and shoulders, but also the chest. To target the pectoral muscles, do your push ups with a wider hand placement than normal, hands on the floor far outside the shoulder line. This will cause you to have to recruit more chest muscle in the push part of the movement.

Cable Cross Flys

This is one of the most excellent methods of exercise you can use to lift and improve the prominence of those pectoral muscles. With light to moderate weight on both sides of the cable machine, stand facing away from the machine, feet shoulder width apart, weighted cables in hand. From the low position, and keeping the arms in a rounded position, bring your hands together in front of your chest, squeezing your pecs as both hands come to the center. The resistance of the cables in this unsupported position will really cause those pectoral muscles to work harder than usual. Work nice and slow through a few sets of reps.

You don't necessarily have to go for surgery to get a breast lift, except in the most extreme of cases. With an exercise regimen that includes the above exercises done at least three times a week, you should begin to see the results you want within a few months. Try to remain consistent, and as you get stronger, you can slightly increase the amount of weight you use. With a little more attention to diet and the right exercises, you should see the appearance of your bust improve significantly.

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How to Do Breast Massage For Firmer Breasts?

Breast Massage is a conventional way of enhancing your breast size. Using massages to enhance your bust size is doubly advantageous. While using breast massages have no side-effects, they also do away with the need of any surgery and therefore incisions in the body.

Further, no foreign body is ever injected into the body, thereby reducing the risk of any problems after a particular age.

Breast massage is a concept used by women in the east since centuries. It is a simple process which can be done in the privacy of your home. Secondly, it is a easy process and doesn't take more than a few moments to accomplish.

The breast is made up of tissue and adipose fat. A firm and proper massage helps tone these tissues and firms them up. This gives the breasts a healthier and more natural look. This therefore leads to an enhancement and enlargement of breast size.

Other common problems like sagging breasts and inverted nipples can be easily combated by proper and precise breast massaging techniques. Finally, breast massages increase the tone and breast and the bust size. This will work well to increase the confidence of the woman, and she will feel good about herself.

The breast is an organ of the body like any other. Therefore, chances are that toxins and other harmful chemicals accumulate in it over time. This is especially true in the case of lactating mothers. Some lactating women also face engorged nipples, and therefore the milk cannot find a way out of the nipple.

This may finally lead to assimilation of the milk in the mother's breast, which may lead to dangers like poison accumulation or lumps in the breast. Breast massages help in disgorging the breast.

Breast massages are seen as a prophylactic and diagnostic cure for breast cancer. Though there is no concrete proof about the advantages, there have been favorable indications.


Massaging the breasts is a simple process, and doesn't take more than a few moments. Further, it can be done by the woman, and doesn't actually require any outside help. Therefore, it can also be termed as one of the cheapest ways of breast enlargement and enhancement.

A suitable breast cream should be applied to the breasts before one goes for breast massaging. Various herbal creams have botanical ingredients which help in breast enhancement.

Breast massage is a simple four points program.

(i) Starting from the nipple, push downwards with the three longer fingers of your hand. The movement should be slow and almost graceful for better results. Be sure not to apply heavy pressure. The right trick is to maintain a moderate touch, but a prolonged contact.

(ii) Once the above step is done, then the breast should be lightly massaged with a kneading kind of action. Hold one breast with both your hands so as to cup out the breast. Do not apply heavy pressure; stop if it begins to hurt. Holding your breast in this manner, go on kneading it slightly for a while. Finish with one breast, and then take on the other.

(iii) The third step is most important to give a round firmness to the breasts. Hold your breast just as you had done in the earlier step. But instead of squeezing it out, give it a twirling kind of motion. Rotate your hands (and thus the breast) in a clockwise motion, followed by an equal anticlockwise motion. Continue this for about ten times. Then repeat with the other breast.

(iv) Finally, open out your palms on the breast such that they don't cover the areola and are facing downwards. Then move your palms downwards so that the fingers rub against the side surfaces of the breast. This should not be done on the nipple, as it may spoil its shape. Continue this for about ten times per breast.


There are professional breast masseurs who offer breast massages. They have a peculiar technique, termed as the breast lift. In this procedure, the breasts are lifted skywards, while placing both hands on the breast, from the upper to the lower side. The breast is released when it is as full stretch. This action is repeated a couple of times.

Such a kind of massage increases the elasticity of the breast, and also helps release the toxins in the breast. The masseurs also pay special care to the pectoral muscles, located below the collar bone. Strong pectoral muscles are the foundation for suppler and healthier breasts.


Proper precautions should be taken before undergoing any self medication for the body. Breast massages are very simple process that can be done by the individual. However, it must be done with the utmost care. Improper breast massage can actually backfire, like damaging of the glandular tissues that hold your breasts upright.

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How to Perform Breast Massage

The breasts have always been a form of attractive features that women can take pride in. The breasts are integral parts of women which should always be kept healthy. Women would like to maintain their breasts as beautiful as possible - shapely, perky, and firm.

There are some women who spend so much just to augment or reduce their breasts although artificial modification is not always the best way to maintain a lovely pair of breasts. Instead, a breast massage is an amiable option.

Surgery may be the last step a woman can divulge herself to attain beautiful breasts. Breast massage is something that started in the Orient and in India some centuries ago. The practice was written in Ayurveda, the medical system which originated for ages in India.

Massaging the breasts can be quite tricky because the tissues of the breasts are delicate. Aside from maintaining the breasts to be firm, massaging it can also balance the hormones of the body. The woman can do this procedure though another person an co it for her, like her partner. This requires breast baring therefore needs to be done in private whether in a lying or sitting position.

Massage procedure

1. In order to avoid any kind of discomfort or friction, massage oil lubrication may be placed. Application of oil is through a circular motion; moving from the nipple towards the underarm. Pressure should be gentle.
2. Once the breast is covered with oil, knead it gently through lifting it and pressing it delicately using both hands. The flesh of the breasts must be wrung and twisted gently.
3. Scoop the fibers with total gentleness with the use of the fingertip flats. Strokes are done clockwise then counterclockwise.
4. Lastly, the flesh should be smoothened and stroked with the fingertips moving from the center then towards the side. This is considered as the cooling process of the massage. After this, the client or the person receiving the massage must drink lots of water then rest her breasts.

Generally, a breast massage is somewhat uncomfortable and can be painful especially when the massaging phase is ongoing. This is one reason why pressure should only be gradual or minimal. Breast massage is good in order to promote health to the breast and give it its beautiful appearance. This procedure can be done at least twice or thrice a week. If you are experiencing breast problems, you should first ask your physician before going in with your massage.

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