Thursday, March 5, 2009

Breast Implant Bras - Caring For Your New Breasts

Breast augmentation is an expensive procedure and not without certain risks. After going through the procedure it is generally recommended to take special care of your new breasts to lengthen the time your new breasts retain a youthful appearance. Thankfully, there are special breast augmentation bras to help you.

While a board certified plastic surgeon can dramatically impact the appearance of your breasts, the work can be counteracted if the healing process does not occur properly. Additionally, if you do not take special care of your new breasts, the improvements resulting from the breast augmentation can be significantly reduced.

The top reasons you should consider using specialized breast augmentation bras after breast augmentation:

* Shaping of your breasts: An unnatural appearance can occur with an ill fitting bra. There are special bras such as the Le Mystere No. 9 that are specifically designed to fit your new bust line.

* Prevent of rapid descent - If you do not support your breasts well with the appropriate bra, the breast implants are subject to a condition known as rapid descent. In this case the breast implant makes the tissue of the breast under the nipple line bigger than that above it. The eventual result can produce a saggy looking breast.

* Cleavage - Breast implants result in breasts which are spaced further apart than natural breasts. The Le Mystere No. 9 bra has a wider connecting strap between the cups to accommodate this feature of augmented breasts.

* Weight of the breast - Many women are unprepared for the weight of their new breasts. If you currently have fairly small breasts, the weight of the larger breast will be a new experience. If not supported properly the weight over time can be uncomfortable.

Choosing the right bra such as the Le Mystere No 9 can help maintain the results of your newly augmented breasts. Consider some of these bra fitting tips:

* Discuss your bra possibilities with your plastic surgeon. Any post-surgical bra, especially, should be reviewed and approved by them. Ask your doctor about proper fitting for daily wear bras.

* Visit with a bra expert - Studies show that well over 70% of all women choose and wear bras that are the wrong size. Visit with a bra fitting specialist at least annually to ensure you are wearing the proper size. As your body changes over time, your bra size is likely to change as well.

Breast augmentation requires the investment of a lot of time and money. It is critical that you take the time to properly sure that your investment is well taken care of to ensure a long lasting improvement of your bust line. Neglecting the care of your new breasts can result in disappointing results over time.

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