Sunday, March 1, 2009

How to Perform Breast Massage

The breasts have always been a form of attractive features that women can take pride in. The breasts are integral parts of women which should always be kept healthy. Women would like to maintain their breasts as beautiful as possible - shapely, perky, and firm.

There are some women who spend so much just to augment or reduce their breasts although artificial modification is not always the best way to maintain a lovely pair of breasts. Instead, a breast massage is an amiable option.

Surgery may be the last step a woman can divulge herself to attain beautiful breasts. Breast massage is something that started in the Orient and in India some centuries ago. The practice was written in Ayurveda, the medical system which originated for ages in India.

Massaging the breasts can be quite tricky because the tissues of the breasts are delicate. Aside from maintaining the breasts to be firm, massaging it can also balance the hormones of the body. The woman can do this procedure though another person an co it for her, like her partner. This requires breast baring therefore needs to be done in private whether in a lying or sitting position.

Massage procedure

1. In order to avoid any kind of discomfort or friction, massage oil lubrication may be placed. Application of oil is through a circular motion; moving from the nipple towards the underarm. Pressure should be gentle.
2. Once the breast is covered with oil, knead it gently through lifting it and pressing it delicately using both hands. The flesh of the breasts must be wrung and twisted gently.
3. Scoop the fibers with total gentleness with the use of the fingertip flats. Strokes are done clockwise then counterclockwise.
4. Lastly, the flesh should be smoothened and stroked with the fingertips moving from the center then towards the side. This is considered as the cooling process of the massage. After this, the client or the person receiving the massage must drink lots of water then rest her breasts.

Generally, a breast massage is somewhat uncomfortable and can be painful especially when the massaging phase is ongoing. This is one reason why pressure should only be gradual or minimal. Breast massage is good in order to promote health to the breast and give it its beautiful appearance. This procedure can be done at least twice or thrice a week. If you are experiencing breast problems, you should first ask your physician before going in with your massage.

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