Friday, December 14, 2007

Natural Breast Reduction - Diet Or Pills? - BiggerBreast


Surgery is the most common way to reduce breasts. But there are also non surgical breast reduction options which may work for you.

Natural breast reduction can be done in 2 ways: Diet or breast reduction pills. But which is the right method for you?


A diet can often lead to natural breast reduction since breasts are mostly made of fat. It's not a coincidence that most women with big breasts are large women in general and tend to be overweight. Going on a diet will reduce the amount of fat all over you body and will also induce natural breast reduction. The one thing you need to remember though, is that a diet cannot reduce fat just from your breasts, so if you're not overweight but have overly large breasts, a diet will not work for you. Your breasts will still be big for your frame.

Breast Reduction Pills

There are pills which target the fatty cells in women's breasts and reduce them in size and quantity. This is achieved due to the unique herbal components of these pills. As these pills reduce fat in the breasts alone, they are more likely to work for women who are not overweight but still have too big breasts. Breast reduction pills do not work in 100% of the cases, but the most well known pill, Alexia, has a lot of positive reviews.

I hope that this article helps you come to a more informed decision on how to better achieve your goal of breast reduction. I wish you good luck.


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