Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Practical Solution To Breast Asymmetry

A woman's bosom is a unique sexual attraction point. It affects the way we dress, our self confidence and self esteem too. A sexy body is an admiration for every man at whatever age. To enhance the outward appearance of our bosom cosmetic surgery is embraced. Their are cases where the breasts are un proportional calling to attention medical processes like breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction. Most breasts are not perfectly even since one of them may be more physically deflated. This un proportionality is known as breast asymmetry. The bigger breast tends to sag making it too obvious to the public eye. Bilateral breast augmentation is a useful procedure if the difference in size is not more than 20 to 26 cc. Implants of similar size are used because the difference is not noticed since it diminishes with bigger breasts.
Amazingly their are some women breasts which have different shape or size. It is not unusual to come across a woman who has one of the breasts A-shaped cup while the other one is a c-shaped cup. Women with such breasts are so self conscious and it eats on their self confidence. This is yet another case of breast asymmetry but their is medical remedy for this. It can be completely corrected or at least improved to make it less noticeable. This depends with the patients current breast asymmetry condition. Breast symmetry in size is achievable but symmetry in shape might be little bit difficult but not impossible. A solution can be achieved through placing an implant in the smaller breast. This is known as breast augmentation and helps in leveling the two breasts.

Due to one reason or the other, one of the breasts might be sagging while the other one is in place. A breast lift is a perfect solution for this which in medical terms it is known as mastopexy. It lifts the breast and positions it in line with the other one. A lifted breast will always appear bigger hence the difference in size will have been dealt with. If you would rather have smaller breasts, breast reduction to the size of the smaller breast among the two is appropriate solution. Some of the bigger breast's tissue is removed though you have to understand that the real width of the breast is non-changeable. If the breasts differ in width the patient will not expect perfect breast symmetry but an improvement to the previous breast asymmetry.

Patients who want breast plastic surgery due to breast asymmetry should carefully decide what they want since it permanently affects their lives if they don't like it. At the end of the day they want to have breasts of the same size but is it the desired size? Do you want bilateral breast reduction where both breasts are made smaller? Or is it bilateral breast augmentation: breasts made larger? This is a personal choice, the smaller breast if lifted with an implant can acquire the right choice. The size should be to improve your looks but not to make them look worse. A point to note is that, if a patient prefers both a mastopexy and an implant they cannot be performed simultaneously. The doctor ought to set the procedures at least six months apart. However a mastopexy on one breast and an implant on the other can be done simultaneously.

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